Jere Pugh's memories of growing up in Little Five Point

I grew in little five points during the 40,s and 50,s. I remember King Hardware, Flowers laundry, Wonderland toy store, Pendergras and Pool drug store, Euclid and Lane drug stores, The 5&10 cent store, Euclid dry cleaners, Georgia dairy ice-cream parlor was next to the barber shop, and much more. At 13,I delivered groceries by bicycle for Buchananís grocery store. In 1945 at age 7, I stood out front of Colonial or the A&P grocery store and carried groceries home for ladies. We earned tips that way. There was Gulf Service station in the middel triangle of Little five points. There was a Sinclair station and a Standard oil station also. I remember Kidders across from Euclid drugs store. There was Little five points theater, Euclid theater, and Rialto theater.

I went to Moreland grammar, and Bass High. I lived in two places, 334 Moreland Ave, and then 450 Candler St. until 1957 when I went into the Navy. Never came back. But little five points sure has a place in my heart.

I remember when me and my friend Richard Gamble that live across the street from me, broke the big window in Lane drugs. We were on the way to play baseball at the Bass high field. We were throwing the ball back and forth to each other across the steet over the traffic, I missed the ball and it hit the window and broke, we took off running, Mr. Maddox the policman that patrolled little five points at that time, was on a three wheel motorcyle and chased us down in the ally behind the drug store. Man I thought the world was going to end!! (laughing) We were let go after the store called our parents, the window was insured. Boy, I caught it when I got home!!

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