Americans' knowledge of the death penalty is faint. Despite our ignorance the majority of us favor capital punishment.

Amnesty International is categorically opposed to the death penalty. In country after country, it is used disproportionately against the poor or against racial or ethnic minorities -- the United States is no exception 1. The death penalty kills innocents and is a violation of fundamental human rights. For these reasons, Amnesty International supports alternatives to the death penalty.

But don't take the word of an unseen and (on the internet--innominate) author. In the death penalty quiz, we have assembled facts about capital punishments role in our society. If you favor the death penalty at least you can favor it with a more lucid view of how executions are executed in our justice system.

1 Source: "A preference for vengeance: The death penalty and the treatment of prisoners in Georgia", Southern Center for Human Rights.